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How HoloBuilder Works

1. Capture

Using a simple and affordable 360° camera such as the Ricoh Theta S, you can create your own 360° Holospheres fast and easy.

2. Personalize

Simply upload the Holosphere from your 360° camera into HoloBuilder, connect the Holospheres and add any text and content your customers will love.

3. Promote

Share a simple link to the Holo Tour with the clients you already know, post the Holo on Facebook to reach your audience or embed the Holo in your website.


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Residential Real Estate

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Commercial Real Estate

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Holiday Rentals

Create HoloBuilder projects even faster

JobWalk enables you to create your virtual 360° tour on the go. Creating your 360° tour becomes as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Connect your Ricoh Theta S or Samsung Gear360 camera to your phone
  2. Upload Sheets
  3. Tap the location of your Theta S or Samsung Gear360 camera on your Sheets to take a picture

... and thats it! The app automatically takes care of the rest by connecting your 360° photos with your Sheets, creating a virtual tour and uploading it to your HoloBuilder account.